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Rutland Heights is an 87-acre parcel owned by the Town of Rutland and managed by the Rutland Development and Industrial Commission (RDIC). This currently vacant property is bordered by residential property and businesses.

The property was formerly the site of Rutland State Hospital, constructed in 1895 as a hospital for patients with tuberculosis which transitioned to a Veteran's Hospital in 1922 before closing in 1991. The original buildings have been demolished and the unoccupied site remains an opportunity to address community needs such as housing and economic development for the town and nearby communities.

The Heights Planned Development District (HPDD) zoning allows for light industrial, small retail, recreation, open space, and senior housing. The RDIC welcomes discussions with developers interested in the site. 


In 1965, the Town of Rutland voted to accept M.G.L. Chapter 40 Section 8A, which established a commission to develop the industrial resources of the town, namely the Rutland Development and Industrial Commission (RDIC). “Such Commission shall conduct researches into the industrial conditions, investigate and assist in the establishment of educational or commercial projects, including projects involving private enterprise, for the purpose of expanding or strengthening the local economy.


In 1997, the former Rutland State Hospital property became available to the Town. With the assistance and consensus from the State Land Planning Committee (SLPC), a Master Reuse Plan (MRP) was generated. This plan was the foundation from which the Commonwealth of Massachusetts disposition legislation (M.G.L. Chapter 245, Acts of 2000) was conceived.


M.G.L. C.245, Acts of 2000, was enacted in August of 2000 and established the RDIC as the owners of the property with the authority and responsibility to dispose of all or any portion of the site to a developer or developers or to the Town of Rutland for uses consistent with the MRP.


The RDIC continues to work to identify and research projects that are financially feasible, will generate revenue, preserve the sensitivity of environmental lands and enhance economic development in Rutland and the surrounding region. The RDIC consists of five members and meets on a “as needed” basis.


Please submit your name, email, and message below if you would like more information on Rutland Heights or if you would like to discuss opportunities with the RDIC regarding the site. 


Or call: 508-864-9010

Town of Rutland, RDIC

250 Main Street

Rutland, MA 01543

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